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Are you looking to add volume, texture, and waves to your hair?

Body Wave may be just what you are looking for.

It is important to follow the valuable points about how to care your permed hair before you get started though. And make sure this type of perm is a good fit for your lifestyle.

A body wave is a loose curl which comes in a wave pattern. If we are not wrong, you are also among those women who love having waves in hair. But most of you hassle before the process. You have spent seemingly endless hours in trying to achieve the perfect waves. But still, it is a nightmare for you. Don’t worry we are here to guide you. Body Waves gives your hair a natural pattern to create soft and natural looking wave. It changes the texture of your hair in a long lasting way and frees you from daily hair styling. And the cost of maintenance is also low.

Before Moving further on how to style your body wave lets discuss the important points which you must keep in mind while choosing body wave as your new hair style.

Choosing Body Wave

body wave hair

There may be some reason that you have consider getting a body wave. You may want to add body wave hair to a lifeless style or hope to add some waves to your long locks. But before getting a temporary or permanent body wave, you must consult with your stylist. Here are some general points, body waves hairs are best for:

  • People who are having a natural curl hair but lack in shape.
  • People who want to give their natural curl a boost but want to keep them relaxed and not tight.
  • Individuals with beautiful hair and want more hold and body in their hairstyles.
  • People with straight hair and want a little bit of texture and movement in their hairs.

After identifying your hair now time to gain loose, Sexy waves with the body.

Three Simple Steps to Gain Body Waves

getting a body wave

Getting a hairstyle with body wave hair look is easy to achieve. You must see most of the celebs are often seen wearing the look. You must be thinking you need a pro stylist to get body wave like them. No, you are wrong. All you need is a thermal protector, flat iron and shine serum to style.

Step -1: Before creating your style spirit robust thermal protecting shield on your dry hair. It will protect your hair from getting damaged due to the effect of high heat on your hair during styling. It not only protects your hair it also helps your hair in shinier look.

Step-2: Began with hair participation into a section and start layer by layer. Take a one-inch section of hair, clamp the flat iron midway and twist your wrist inwards towards your head. And quickly slide iron down the entire section of your locks. Maintain the same position and twist inwards once again like earlier. The process will create loose and wavy curls but if you continue the process for longer time spiral will become tighter.

Step-3: Once you are done with your style. Add conditioning moisture which will give light weight definition, movement, and shine without adding any weight to your hair.

The above steps are easy, and you don’t have to step out or search for a hair stylist to get appealing style with body wave hair.

Taking Care of Your Body Wave Hair

permanent body wave

It depends a lot on how you take care of your body wave hairs. Following the below steps will help you to take care of your body wave hair.

  • After the process of making your Body wave protect your hair from water at least for one day.
  • After one day you can use trust softening shampoo and conditioner for extra softness and protection.
  • Make sure use a deep conditioner once a week to make them soft.
  • To keep your body wave shiny all the time apply olive oil.
  • Use white tooth comb to maintain a tangle- free weave on a daily basis. Always start your combing from the middle of the pattern and reach the end of your hair.
  • For everyday styling, you can use moisturizing mousse and dry your hair with air dry.
Damaged Body Wave Hair Consideration

Many people apply highlights or color on hair. For those people, Body wave is not a good option. It mostly depends on the conditions of your hair. Because after applying color if you follow up body wave it may cause extensive damage to your hair.

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Don’t be sad we have a smart solution for this kind of people or even those people who frequently change their hairstyle. This solution will protect your hair from any damage, and you don’t have to apply any iron heat or serums which may damage your hair.

Get Varieties of Body Wave Extensions Online

body wave

Just search body wave in a any search engine and hit enter you will find number of online dealers who are selling different types of Body wave extension. Even you don’t have to step out of your bed to purchase them. In your fingertips, you can easily get the best quality of body wave wig which will suit your appearance. You must be thinking what kind of body wave extensions are present in a market. Continue reading

Collection of Body wave Extensions Present in Store

Brazilian Body Wave Extensions

unprocessed body wave hair

Its one of the most beautiful body wave extensions present around. Brazilian body wave extensions are known for its bounce, texture and versatile nature. Extensions have a shiny appearance. This extension is versatile and works for all hairstyles, and it is durable. You can easily apply hair dye of any color according to your choice. If you want to know how much is brazilian body wave hair cost, then visit our website.

Malaysian Body Wave Extensions

malaysian body wave hair

Malaysian body wave hair will enhance your natural hair. It will add volume and length to that hair which thicker, longer and healthy. It will help you to transform your look into a baby doll. It can be considered heavy or thick in comparison to Indian hair but soft and thin when compared to Chinese hair. It is incredibly silky and has a beautiful natural shine.

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Indian Body Wave Extensions

indian body wave hair

This extension is the most versatile and readily available in the market. The density of the hair is excellent. Indian body wave extensions are light and bouncy and can easily curl and style. This hair becomes frizzy in humid weather and foggy conditions. Anti frizz is highly suggested.

Peruvian Body Wave Extensions

peruvian body wave hair

This extension is texture, light weight and is a combination of African-American relaxed hair textures and caucasian hair textures. Peruvian hair is multi purpose hair. It can look naturally voluminous despite the fact that it is lightweight. It is extremely manageable, durable and versatile and for this reason, allows you to style and curl it repeatedly with great results.

One can find a number stores who are selling these products online. But choosing a right store for your purpose is important. How to find them? Best way to reach these type of store is to know their relationship with customers. You can find reviews of all stores on Google. Select the store to paste its name into Google and find the reviews given by the client.

No doubt there are numbers of dealers who guarantee best quality, service and had good reviews for their product and t1hair is one of the them.

getting a body wave

Our unprocessed body wave hair extensions are made of luxurious 100% virgin hair. Which gives you a fresh look and versatility you have always dreamed of at very reasonable cost. With our Body wave extensions, you will receive the highest quality body wave hair that is long- lasting with no breakage or shedding. We are having a different choice of body wave which is mention above for everyday wear. Our Body wave bundles are completely manageable, and we provide free home delivery with 100% refund guarantee if you found any defect in our quality.

Start your Shopping today with t1hair and get a discount on a various type of body wave hair bundles.


Body wave hair style is nearly for any hair length and texture. And you can easily create or buy flourishing body wave to match your personality and lifestyle. We hope we covered every important note which is related to body wave hair. Thanks for reading.

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