Brazilian Body Wave Hairstyles - All You Have to Know


brazilian body wave hairstyles

Want to Know more about Brazilian body wave hairstyles?
Getting confuse about purchasing bundles of Brazilian Body Waves. And how to maintain it? Read this article

Virgin Brazilian body wave hairstyles is the topmost quality of human hair extensions. Which is made of natural hair without processing any chemical method in it. Nowadays it is dominating in the hair market. Due to its characteristics like soft, durable and thick. Its texture is effortless to blend with caucasian textures to African-American textures.

Virgin Brazilian body wave is popular among the women around the globe. You can read more about Brazilian hair here. Let’s start with the advantage of having Brazilian body wave Extensions.

Advantage of Brazilian Body Wave Hairstyles

Brazilian body wave hairstyles origin is in Brazil. And it is available in different colour shape and size. It allows customers to have more choice when they need Brazilian body wave hair. Also, the Brazilian real hair extensions are naturally thick, and people who have thin hair can use them to change their hairstyles. The shiny and long-lasting Brazilian hair allows you to look excellent for a long time.

Brazilian Body Wave Hair 3 & 4 Bundles

brazilian body wave hairstyles

brazilian body wave hairstyles

The 3&4 bundles of Brazilian body wave hair extensions help you to get healthier cuticle, healthier appearance and offers a polished shine. These bundles can be easily dyed, straightened, curled and washed with a mild shampoo. You can use these bundles for 12 to 18 month with proper care ( Read more about Body wave hairstyle here)

Bundles don't have any shedding after washing it. Bundles are big in size. ( Purchase Brazilian Body wave hair of 3 & 4 Bundles Now!) 

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Hair Grade Guide

Collection Crystal 6A Collection Platinum 7A Collection Diamond 8A Collection
Lifetime 3-6 Month With proper Care 12-18 Month With proper Care 2-2.5 year With proper Care
Collection Feature 100% human hair at synthetic hair price High quality and great reviews achieved from clients Luxury salon designated collection
Humain Hair 100% 100% 100%
Cuticle Intact 100% 100% 100%
Colour Purity After Dyeing brazilian body wave brazilian body wave brazilian body wave
Hair Texture Soft, Silky & Lustrous Bouncy & Coarse Course, Durable and Natural Shine

How Many Bundles Do You Need To Make A Full Head?

100g/Bundles 60g/Bundles
Length Short Medium Long Length Short Medium Long
Hair Length 8" - 12" 16" - 22" 24" - 30" Hair Length 12" - 14" 16" - 20" 22" - 26"
Bundles 3 3 - 4 4 Bundles 4 5 5-6


Usually, 3-4 bundles according to your head size and the effect you prefer, hair more than 20″, 4-5 bundles will be recommended.


Usually, 4-5 bundles according to your head size and the effect you prefer, if your hair more than 20″, 5-6 bundles will be recommended.

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I hope now you are more clear about using Brazilian Body Wave bundles for your daily hair styles. 3 bundles and 4 bundle deals of Brazilian body wave hair are available in our t1hair store. Visit our store now.

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