How to Choose and Maintain closure HairStyle According to Your Face Shape?


closure hairstyle

Closures are the essential elements for the women who are using hair extensions for their appealing look. Because closure make your extensions look natural and help you to make, different hairstyle for your daily look. It allows you to have a wig without leaving out any hair. Closures come in different size and shape. There are two type of closure Silk base closure and Lace base closure. As in our previous article, we have discussed what's the difference between these two.

People use different closure type according to their Closure hairstyle need. But it is essential to match closure hairstyle with your face shape to get a more attractive look. But picking right hairstyle according to shape of your face is difficult.

Don’t worry though this article T1hair’s experts bring a simple solution to choose closures hairstyle according to your face shape and how to maintain it.

First, let me make you clear about what is closure?

A closure is a hairpiece that is usually made of lace or silk, although lace is the far more common choice. The hairpiece is attached to a cornrow base and secured around the perimeter to help protect your hair and improve its look.

closure hairstyle

Below are the Keen Observation That You Have to Follow While Choosing Closure Hairstyle According to Your Face Shape.

  1. Stand in front of the mirror and pull your hair back from the face. After that find out your face shape you have. Oval, round, square, heart, triangular, diamond or oblong etc.
  2. If your Face shape is oval, then any hairstyle will suit you. It may be Brazilian, Indian, Malaysian or Peruvian. Search your hair magazines for any style that suits your fancy. You can use any Closure type according to your choice.
  3. If your face is round in shape. Then choose a hairstyle which includes a length below the chin layers. And for this hair extensions we suggest you use lacer closure for closure hairstyle.
  4. If you had a broad forehead and angular, chiselled jawline, then you have a Square shape face. And for this type of face choose hair extensions which blown away from the face and soft bangs that balance your strong futures. Lace Closure is the perfect combination for this hairstyles.
  5. If your face is wide at forehead and cheekbones, then you have a heart-shaped face. Get hairstyle which is the length of your chin with more extended layer around the face. For this, we recommended you to use silk closures.
  6. Spot triangular faces by noting a wide jawline with narrow cheekbones and forehead. Choose hairstyles from your magazines that have up-swept bangs and voluminousness layers around the crown of the head. Use Silk Closure to cover your front hair.
  7. Recognize a diamond shaped face by observing broad cheekbones, juxtaposed by a narrow forehead and jawline. Pick hairstyles for this face shape that include bangs across the forehead, and wispy layers around the cheekbones. Apply Silk Closure for your style.

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So how do you take care of your closure?

  • During installation of closure make sure you tie your hair down every night with silk/satin scarf to keep it safe from tangling during your sleep.
  • After applying closure scratch your head as little as possible. Because more you will scratch more you will lose hair and more it will shed.
  • Apply gentle comb to your closure. Brushing cause unnecessary shedding as well.
  • When you wash your hair never scrub the closure. Otherwise, it will tangle. Simply apply shampoo through your hairs in a downward motion with your fingers and rinse.


We hope reading above points make you clear about which hairstyles suit on different face cutting. And which type of closures you should use for your various hairstyles. Looking to purchase closures and hair extensions visit our T1hair store to get quality hair extensions and closures for your adorable look. Feel free to share your thoughts in the given below comment box.

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