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curly hair

Women with curly hair have heard at least one person with the straight element,"Your hair is so beautiful, I wish I had such beautiful curly hair!" And this compliment brings smile on your face. Curly hair with vibrancy and texture gives you a range of diverse looks that can add a feminine flakes suits to anyone's style. Curly hair styles suit any face shape with the right cut of course.

The best part about curly hair is it is bounce in every step. But having the good curly hair day is harder than it looks.

Want to learn how to gain curly wavy hair and maintain its beauty?

Of Course yes, For you experts of t1hair gathered all information about curly hair into one guide. This guide is made in such a way that it will help you to know curly hair more closely. Continue Reading….

Things People Love in a Curly Hair

Bouncy in Nature: Curly hair is bouncy which gives the appearance of more youth and freedom. The Flexibility nature gives it a vibrant and fresh look.

Versatile in Nature: Fine curly hair contains volume and texture. So it can be readily adopted for the whole range of hairstyles. It can be worn up, bridge, in a bun, or just let down free.

Less Frequent Washing: You don't have to wash your curly hair on a daily basis because its texture allow it to sustain longer time without wash. The roots are less visible because of the volume of the spirals cover in the upper area gets greasy.

Structure of Curly Hair (Type 3)

According to scientific structure, curly hair is also known as type 3 hair. It Develop its structures from the shape of the cortex.

Hair fibers are round, and hair is dropping on all sides of the scalp. The best curly hair is also famous for its protein structure due to more number of disulfide bonds that occur between hair proteins.

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Types of Curly Hair

There are different kind of curly hair which are divided according to the thickness and spiral size.

Type 3A Curly ( Fine/Thin)

Type 3A Curly hair

Type 3A contains a big loose spiral and having 2 inches of circumference when it is tied in a ponytail. This kind of hair is sensitive to the climate but easy to handle It's easy to grasp large curls with freely tied up hair, and a couple of pieces hanging down around the face. This gives a delicate ladylike styling curl look which can be worn at home, running errands, or for a night out.

Type 3B curly ( Medium in Size)

Type 3B Curly hair

Type 3B curly hairs are bouncy with well defined springy curls. The strands are medium thickness, and coarse. Type 3B hair needs a strong moisturizer to prevent it from getting fizz.

This kind of curly hair looks great when it's parted in the middle with a blunt haircut, roughly to the midst of the back. The length and the cutting of the hair prevent it getting curl towards the sides of the face. Which keeps it looking naturally beautiful.

Type 3C Curly ( Medium)

Type 3C Curly hair

This curly hair type has a mix between bouncy, coiled curls and tight corkscrew curls. Typically, it’s more coarse than the other curly hair types.

Using headbands for getting the perfect styling curls at the crown is the perfect accessory. Since the kind of the hair has tight curls, so it is better to keep it up and away from the face.

How to Get Curly Hair Naturally?

how to get curly hair

There are number of methods through which you get best natural curly hair. Before putting yourself into the process, it is important to prepare yourself before adopting any of the methods. Your hair must be wash using herbal shampoo. Apply good quality conditioner focusing more at the ends. Pat and dry the hair by twisting them in a towel to remove the excess water. Then comb them with a wide tooth comb to remove the tangles. Now apply for leave–in-conditioner to make the hair smooth strong and flexible. If you looking for curly hair help you can even email us.

Applying Curl Enhancing Gel

This gel is used after piling the hair into a bun and securing it with an elastic clutch or clip. Leave your hair for dry. Let the hair lose before going out to see a beautiful curly and wavy hair style. It is advisable to use herbal gels instead of chemical based gels which may harm the hair.

Hair scrunching

A permed look to the hair can be given by rolling the hair onto a hair brush firmly and abandoning it to dry normally. This joint strategy for twisting is prevalently known as hair scrunching. Hair twisted by this technique look voluminous.

Making hair bun

A bun can be done after shampooing the hair and abandon it to dry. A blow dryer can be utilized on the bun to get curls speedier. However, blow drying should not be done habitually as it tends to harm the hair. The bun can be tied the upward way and left for quite a while to get curls. This an ideal technique to get curls normally without harming the hair.

Braiding the hair for curls

Partition sodden hair into segments and plait each area firmly. The span of the plait will rely upon the measure of the twist wanted. If tight curls are required 5-6 meshes should be made everywhere throughout the head. Make the plait firmly till the end and secure the finish of each mesh with a clasp or versatile band. The meshing should be done close to the crown to guarantee curls that begin from the center of the head and go down.These interfaces can be left overnight to dry or dried with a dryer. The twists should fix deliberately to discharge the curls. Strands of hair can be isolated with the fingers because brush may expel the curls. Apply a hairspray that is not sticky to settle the curls.

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Curls made by utilizing rag curlers

Make about 12 fabric strips that are 6 inches long and 1 inch wide. These pieces can be effectively made yet cutting an old pad case. Six pieces must be utilized to twist the best layer of the hair and six strips of the base layer. The primary layer of curls will comprise of two segments on each side of the head and two segments at the back. Play out this procedure on wet hair. Remove a little section of hair from the face. Move this area on the cloth by setting it on the tip of the hair and tucking it back upwards. Tie the two finishes of the cloth and secure the roll. Rehash this procedure to every one of the areas of hair around the head. Leave the cloth curls overnight or dry the hair utilizing a blow dryer. Fix the curls in the morning and run the fingers to isolate the curls. Apply a hair spray

Froth curlers for getting curls

Froth curlers are like rag curlers, but they are more demanding and less muddled. Different sizes of froth curlers can be utilized to get the diverse size of waves. The stylers should be moved on segments of hair and settled with plastic cross bar or specials pins.

If you keep your hair short then you can try this beautiful new hairstyles for short curly hair.

Curly Hairs Cure Tips

Always start combing your hair from the bottom up.

curly hair

Trim your curly hair regularly to avoid split ends.

curly hair style

Use product "cocktailing" to customize your haircare regimen.

curly hair style

Rely on a wide-tooth comb, never a brush, to detangle.

curly hair

Apply a conditioning treatment to your ends.

short curly hair

The above are the natural process through which you can get curly hair and can keep beautiful curly hair looks you want. But have you ever think off getting curly hair extensions for naturally curly hair. You must be thinking why I am asking this question from you. Let me explain

Many time people want curly hair, but they are afraid of applying the methods. Even some people tried this methods, but they implemented in a wrong way due to which they end up with hair disaster. Time is also one of the major factors which don’t allow people to think about getting curly hair.

So curly hair extensions are the solution for this kind of people. These extensions are made using virgin hair and free from chemical, and you can turn these extensions according to your choice without getting any experts helps. There are different kind of curly hair extensions present in the market. You can choose according to your face shape and color.

Type of Curly Hair Extensions

Brazilian Curly Hair


This type of hair is naturally soft and bouncy; virgin Brazilian Curly hair dons an exotic, ringlet-curl pattern. They are much like Brazilian Wavy hair; it can also be worn straight and always returns to its natural curl pattern when wet.

Malaysian Curly Hair

Malaysian Curly virgin hair extensions are the ideal decision of wearing, These hair extensions look useful to the workplace or the club. Virgin Malaysian curly hair extensions can be washed, blow-dried, hued, fixed, twisted without sacrificing the integrity of its real fabulous curl.

Indian Curly Hair

indian curly hair

Indian Curly Hair is the most flexible and promptly accessible available. The hair's thickness is elegant and plush. It's normally vaporous, light and bouncy and can without much of a stretch be twisted and styled. Indian hair moves easily with negligible items. It additionally mixes well with most hair surfaces. This hair surface can be discovered extending from velvety to gently coarse.

Peruvian curly Hair

peruvian curly hair

Peruvian curly Hair is extremely EXOTIC! It mixes well with regular or loose hair surfaces. Peruvian hair is delicate, lustrous, and contain more volume. This patterns can, for the most part, be worn in its original design and is bound to draw the right attention wherever you go. However, when need a change, you can wear flirtatious curls or wear it bone straight. Peruvian Curly hair isn’t as thick as Brazilian or Malaysian but isn’t as thin as Indian, which makes it versatile to blend with both natural and relaxed hair textures.

How to Get Curly Hair Extensions?

Most important about hair extensions is that you don’t have to step out of your home for purchasing them. There are numbers of online stores who is selling best quality of product and provide home delivery facility. This saves your time as well as money.

T1hair is among them. Click to visit the site know


If you are thinking of what to do with curly hair then above mentions tips and tricks will help you to get the fascinating look with curly hair. Share your comment in the given below comment box. If above methods are helpful to you.

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