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indian hair care

Fed up of taking advice from the people for your hair?

Confuse what to follow or what to not?

To condition or not to condition, to oil or not to oil - When it comes to your hair you will find all kind of advice.

Having thick and long hair is a dream for every woman. Whatever the size of the hair. Every first woman desire is to get thick hair. As per our observation, Long and thick hair add beauty to any women, and when it comes to India, the traditional Indian women want their hair to be lustrous and very more abundant.

Indian human hair is different from any other hair just because it is so thick and coarse due to which it becomes difficult to care. For taking care of your hair, you spend a lot of money on expensive shampoo but not getting the desired result. Don’t worry we are here to provide you the best Indian hair care tips. Our research team work on the factors which help your hair to maintain its textures. And they come up with a solution which is easy to practice and cost-effective with a better result.

Before Moving to Indian hair care tips let us crawl the factors which affect Indian hair

indian hair care

Most of us are not aware of that we lose approximately 100 hairs per day, and the rate of hair fall and hair loss depends on the general overall health of the person and the products they use. So below are the major factors which you should know and get healthy hair.

Physical and Emotional Stress

When you are stress, Your body goes through a lot of change like increased in a hair fall. It may continue up to three to six month. Which is a disaster for hair textures.

Styling and Using too Many Hair Products

We all know that excess of everything is bad. Using of over styling and excessive use of hair products will damage hair from its route. It makes your hair thin and falls out.


If a person loses weight in a short period. Due to lack of protein in the diet may lead to hair loss because our hair is made of a protein called keratin.

Environmental pollution

It may be air pollution or water pollution both are the biggest factor of hair damage by interfering with hair protein and marking hair weaker and brittle.

After reading above factors, your mind must be searching for the solution? Here is the solution

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Indian Hair Care Tips Secrets of Indian Women

indian hair care

After a long research, our company experts gathered simple and adoptable factors to maintain long, black and thick Indian hair. Given below are the secrets.

Oiling and Moisturizing

indian hair care tips

Most of the Indian women especially women from south India. They oil their hair with virgin coconut oil every day. It helps their hairs to maintain the moisture balance of the hair.

But most the people avoid applying oil on their head due to the limp, thin and sticky look. They want to keep their hair soft, flying and grease free to make it comfortable for different hairstyles.

But the facts are people applying oil on their hair locks the moisture in their hair and prevents hair breakage due to dryness. And Applying virgin coconut oil help you to grow your hair in a short period.

Got confused? Let me clear it. By using coconut oil on your scalp, you are preventing hair and scalp dryness, split ends, frizz and such. Hence, your hair stays healthy without any troubles.You can also use olive oil, apricot or almond oil for moisturizing your hair if you are not okay with the coconut oil.

Frequency of Hair Wash

indian hair care tips

Hair washing frequency is the important factors to maintain a healthy hair. If you are dreaming of having long Indian hair. You must follow all necessary rules to keep your hair healthy and this only the path you can get longer and stronger Indian hair in short periods of time. Washing your hair and often stripes remove the excess moisture from your hair and scalp and leave them dry. Taking healthy bath twice a week is the best practice to maintaining long Indian hair. It will prevent your scraps from any dryness and mainly stop from dandruff. In case if you are not comfortable in washing your hair twice in a week then you can wash your hair on alternate days but not every day. And always make sure to wear caps/scarf over hair if you are stepping foot out of your house in sunny days. Because the sun damages your healthy hair if not protected.

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Healthy Food Habits

indian hair care tips

Taking Healthy food in your diet is the best practice to maintain the beautiful textures of your hair. Having soaked fenugreek with curd every morning in empty stomach results in strong, shiny and thick Indian hair. Include nuts, dates, fish and Vitamin B rich, good items in your daily diet to ensure that you are following a proper way to grow long hair. You can also get a biotin capsule everyday consult your physician to prevent excess hair loss or hair fall.

No Shampoo! Only Shikakai

We made a keen observation on Indian women about which shampoo they used to maintain their long Indian hair. And we found still in the rural area of India most of the women use Shikakai to clean and wash their hair. Shikakai is a natural hair wash powder made of several natural herbs to cleanse and protect hair. This hair washing powder prepared at home easily without making any hole in your pocket and moreover it doesn't contain a load of SLS, parabens, and silicons, unlike many stores, bought shampoo. Wherever there is no sign of chemicals, All you having healthy and damage-free hair. So Shikakai is one of the top secrets of Indian women’s long beautiful hair. Skip your shampoos for sometimes and get some Shika for your Indian hair.

Above mentions point are for the people who are already having Indian hair but what about the ladies who are having a different form of hair and dreaming of having Indian hair?

For such people, T1hair comes up with a smart solution of having Indian Hair Extensions. These extensions are made up of virgin Indian hair. And collected from the single donor. The best thing about this extensions its look original. You can change Indian hair extensions in any textures and color.

As they are made of original Indian hair, so it also required care like original hair. For taking care of Indian hair extensions apply above Indian hair care tips.

Where to Buy Indian Hair Extensions?

indian hair extension

Indian hair extensions come in various textures. There is the number of the online stores who is selling it. We are top of them. Our client reviews and services make us different from other sellers.Visit our store and give a new look to your hairstyle with Indian hair extensions.

Wrapping Words

We believe these hair care tips for women can work and can make your Indian hair super soft, totally manageable and will make sure that your hair looks beautiful. If you still have any questions about hair care. We welcome you to share your question in the given below comment box. We are happy to serve you.

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