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lace closure hairstyles

Using extension for your daily hairstyle. Gives you many different hairstyle options, Like Curly, Straight or Wavy. As well as you can also choose different colour. But the tone of Wig, sew in hair extensions or clip-in extensions make your hair look natural by covering your scalp properly.

Before choosing your hair solution, proper education is needed. You must be aware of different hair applications and difference between them to own perfect natural hair. So we decided to guide you through this article, about limitless factors about the Best Lace Closure hairstyles and how to maintain it.

Lace closures hairstyles are designed to give your extensions a natural look. A lace closure is best used to cover thinning hair at the crown of your head or to hide the hair weft from applied hair extensions. The closure always gives your hairstyle a finished and polished look.

How to Identify Best Quality of Lace Closure Hairstyles?

Lace closure of finest quality is usually made from breathable silk mesh that is outlined with a poly strip to make for easier sewn-in applications. The flesh-coloured mesh allows for freestyle parting in the cap area. Some women prefer to wear a flesh-coloured stocking cap underneath so that the scalp appears more natural. And prevent it from shedding and tangling.

The best lace closure is usually found in 3 hairline types in 5 different sizes. Three hair line types are

  • With side part
  • With Middle part
  • Free part ( Where You can part the hair according to your choice).

Lace Closure hairstyles are found in different length usually between 8 inches to 24 inches. While placing closure on your scalp, you can apply liquid tape, weaving thread or adhesive to make closure undetected. When a closure piece is positioned just behind your hairline, it gives the appearance of a natural scalp and a full weave.

Note- Closures are designed to be placed at the top part of the weave. This is called the "horseshoe" area left undone after extensions are applied.

To choose the suitable colour for your closure and its texture. The hair industries have many offers in style, colour and design. Whether you want something conservative or exotic, be assured that respected hair extension providers, such as t1hair Company, offer lace closures that render a perfect fit.

To know the installation process of closure hairstyles read our previous blog (Lace Closure Installation- Step by Step Guide)

How to make Lace Closure Look natural?

After placing clouser if it looks dense and crazy and you want to customized it and give natural look follow the below steps.

Step 1:

lace closure hairstyles

Start brushing your hair in the position it lay in. And pull out the front portion of your lace closure which is called as a baby hair.

Step 2 :

lace closure

After pulling out the baby hair use small scissors to cut it of.

Step 3:

lace closure hairstyles

Use hair wax to fix the remaining baby hair in front. Show that it looks natural. Choose quality hair wax for the process.

Step 4:

lace closure

On some part of baby hair you can't apply wax. So to remove those, use plugger to pull it out to give a perfect look. ( This step is up to you if you think after applying wax your hair look perfect you don't have to follow step 4)

Step 5:

steps for lace closure

Move to the central part of your hair and separate in the position you want your style. After that use plugger to pull out dense part of your closure hair. So that it looks less wiggy and more natural.

Step 6:

steps for lace closure

Now apply a little amount of water on your hair and use the finger to lay your hair in the direction you want. After giving the perfect path with your finger now use hair blower and comb to provide ideal shape.

Step 7:

lace closure hairstyles steps

Use Scalp matching colour on the participation portion of your closure to give it more natural look.

How to Maintain Lace Closure Hairstyles?

lace closure hairstyles steps

  • Washing and Conditioning lace closure is essential. Occasionally wash your lace closures hairpiece, especially in the separation. Make sure you use the correct product for washing.
  • Apply high-quality hair moisturise on your lace closure to maintain its quality. Also add a small amount of glycerin and water as well. While brushing closure always use the circular brush. This will prevent your hair from getting frizzy. Under normal circumstances, you need to do, when it comes to the wavy / curly lace closure maintenance is an essential thing to prevent tangles.
  • Don't apply heat style on the straight lace closure use hair pins and roller to get different styles.
  • Use scarf or sleep hood to cover your lace closure while you go to bed at night.

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After reading the above points, we hope know you are clear about Lace Closure Hairstyles. To buy lace closures and to give a natural look to your hairstyles check out our online hair extensions store. And grab the best in quality closures at affordable cost.

Still, you have any doubt about lace closure? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box given below.

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