Lace Closure Installation- Step by Step Guide


lace closure installation

In last few year closure become more popular because of their versatility. Closure offers more option for parting your hair and gives you more natural and realistic look. To gain a perfect hairstyle using extensions, it is essential to keep keen concentration during lace closure installation. While it may seem intimidating, But Lace closure Install is easier than it looks.

Through this article, We will give you a quick tutorial on how to Install lace closure. So that you gain natural hair look using extensions.

Lace closure is found in two colour beige or dark brown. The closure is sold in various sizes, three inches wide by four inches deep. The primary purpose of the closure is to cover your hair which is left out. After lace closures installation, you will be able to part the closure in any direction. Because the strands of hair are hand tied onto the lace, knots are created at the base of the lace.

lace closure install

Below are the steps to be followed while Lace closure Installation

Step 1: Cornrow your hair braiding the top/middle section back for the placement of the closure. Then, sew a weaving net over the tracks.

Tips: The weaving net is helpful because it makes it easier to sew in between braids, which allow you to sew in more tracks.

Step 2: The best thing about lace closure is that you don't have to practise hard to make it ready for use. It already come prepared for you.

Tips. If you want to customise, you can bleach the knots and use tweezers to thin the hairline of the lace on the closure.

Step 3: Put closure above your hairline and start to sew down the closure. Make sure to start this process from the middle of the portion of the closure and slowly move around. Once done, trim the excess lace off.

Tips: We recommend that you use nylon thread because it gives you more wiggle room when it comes to your closure.

Step 4: Use hair gel to set your hair edges. Make sure to use moderate amount so that it turns tacky.

Tips: Put blow dryer on the warm setting and spend a minute passing over the gel so that it becomes tacky.

Step 5: Use big teeth comb to lay down the closure gently. And stick it from the gel so that it is securely laid.

Step 6: Next, take a few strands of hair from the closure, and using a razor, trim the strands to create baby hair. Then, using hair gel, lay down the baby hairs, so that it blends with your own. This will make the closure look even more natural.

Step 7: Finish Weaving the rest of the hair using longer bundles and give style to your hair according to you desire.


Hope you understand how to Install lace closure to create the most natural looking hairstyles. Make sure to check out our other blog for more information about closures. If you want to see a video about lace closure installation visit our Facebook page.

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