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loose wave

Are your hair Curly and straight and wondering of having wavy and bouncy hair?

One of the simplest and sustainable ways to do it is to get loose wave perm.

People with loose wave hair get the best of the world's. They can straighten it for a sleek look, or curl it for more of a bounce. Plus they can get a seemingly permanent loose wave look with an effortless texture, youth and natural malleability that people with other hair types struggle to obtain.

Loose wave style is more famous among all hair style because it is universally adored by red carpet stars. But getting the same look like celebs is little confusing.

Most of the people are curious to know how to get the loose wave look? This is the reason we have founded an ultimate guide which will help you to gain perfect loose wave for your normal fascinating appearance.

Most of the time people get confused with Body wave and Loose wave hairstyle. So before moving further let me explain to you What is Loose waves Hair?

What is Loose Waves Hair?

loose wave

Did you ever braid your hair, slept with braids intact and then let them loose in the morning? This is what loose wave hair is. Loose wave is mainly large curls on long hair.During summer weather near water, humidity gets increases due to which women's hair starts to become wavy and frizzy. Also after going for a swim in a salt water, the hair gets a certain texture and looks wavy if air dried. More often than not such natural way of getting loose wave hair is not very appealing. The hair either doesn’t become wavy along the whole length or is too messy or frizzy to look attractive. That’s why most women prefer getting their loose waves at home or the salon.

Loose wave perms look incredibly fascinating and classy if they are done in a right way. If you want to try loose wave as your hairstyle, then below are the type of different exciting and elegant loose wave styles which will add oodles of charm to your personality and create a cool aura around you. Whether you want to try long bold hairstyles or subtle soft wave, there is something for everyone in this list.

Choose the Best Loose Walve Type for Your Hair Style

Ombre Gold Loose Waves

loose wave hair

If love to give modernity and style to your hairs than you must go for Ombre Gold Loose wave. This hairstyle is a combination of blonde with dark roots. The ends of the hair are cut to give the raw appeal.

Voluminous Platinum Hairstyle

loose wave

If you want to try something adventurous in Loose wave category, then go for Voluminous Platinum Hairstyle. This is pretty powerful in shades of platinum and gray. The dark gray roots give an impression of a fuller head and healthy hair.

Sun-kissed loose wave Hair

loose wave hair

If you want something unique and stylish, then Sun-kissed loose wave hair is very effortless hairstyle as it combines the beauty of gold hair color and subtle of soft waves.

Red Brunette Loose Wave

loose wave hairs

Glossy and healthy color for hair never go out of the hairstyle, and Red Brunette Loose Wave is a fact. This hairstyle is burgundy in color which helps you to get a trendy and stylish look. The end part of the hair is curled to give volume to your hairstyle.

Gradient Blonde Loose wave


Want to look more attractive and eye catchy then try Gradient Blonde Perm. This loose wave hairstyle looks beautiful and voluminous. These curls are adding some body to hair, and the platinum and blonde tones give a fuller appearance. This hairstyle is best of casual outgoing and vacation.

Balayage Copper Highlights

loose wave

It is a perfect hairstyle if you are looking for something glamorous yet simple. The combination of ginger and copper tones add warmth to the look.

You must be curious to gain above style. And for getting loose wave style, it is important to follow robust steps of receiving it. Continue reading

Method to Create Loose Wave

There are two approaches to make loose wave without asking for professionals help and spending money. These methods are the best and long lasting way to make a Loose wave.

Method - #1

For Method one you required Tooth comb, good styling hair spray like L'Oreal heat protect spray, half an inch of barrel curling iron and few clips to divide your hair.

Step 1: Make sure your hair is dehydrated before plugging in the curling iron. If you have straight hair, then you have to air dry your hair, and if it is curly, then you should blow dry using paddle brush before start your process. Dive your hair into two parts.

Step-2: After dividing your hair start with hair which is above your ear on one side. Spray a tiny bit of styling spray on it before clamping it around the curling iron, Hold the iron vertically for a few seconds before sliding it out giving a spiral curl. Use your fingers to comb out the curl, so it goes from ringlet-looking to a more relaxed, looser wave.Continue the process until you reach the back of your head. Do the same for the other section of hair as well.

Step 3: After curling your all hair if you did not find the right curl then go back and re curl them. Use your fingers to shake out any tight curls. Add a few sprits of your hair spray to make sure your waves look fascinating and stay in place.

Method- #2

In method two we will not use heat materials. For method two we required hair ties, bobby pins, and a shine spray.

Step 1: For the 2nd method, it is not necessary completely dry your hair. If your hair is 80% dry, you can easily apply this method without any harm.

Step 2: Divide your hair into two, straight down the back, and braid each side behind the ear loosely and secure with a hair-tie. Wrap both braids into a bun at ear-level and keep them in place using bobby pins.

Step 3: Leave your hair for dry an hour and then undo the buns. Flip your head over and apply some spritz on some texturizing spray and gently use a comb in your wave. Add little beat of shiny spray, and you're ready with your loose wave.

Still, confuse with methods for the Loose wave?

If yes, then try Loose wave extensions for your appealing appearance. There are four kind of loose wave extensions present in a market. All the four are different and will make your look more adorable. These extensions are easy to handle and long lasting. Let's see what are those four kinds of loose wave extensions

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Kind of Loose Wave Extensions

Brazilian Loose Wave Extensions

loose wave extension

Brazilian Loose Wave extensions are one of the most demanding in the market. This extension is natural and the combination of African- American, and Caucasian. This hairstyle suits all look and holds curls beautifully. This extension comes in natural colors, and you can dye it in any color without any consequences. The extension is free from the chemical.

Malaysian Loose Wave Extensions

loose wave extension

Malaysian loose wave extensions are known for its softness, durability, and thickness. It has many unique properties which make it unique for a wave. These are the real human hair which is process without any chemical use. Different hair bundles give you abundant options for personal use or business expending.

Peruvian Loose Wave Extensions

loose wave hair extension

This extension has no shedding and tangling. You can easily change your hair color. It can be flat ironed, blow fried and washed. They are easy to handle, and you required at least two bundles of Peruvian Loose Wave extension to cover your head.

Indian Loose Wave Extensions

loose wave hair extension

This hair extension come with slight wave pattern and is not as wavy as other loose wave extensions. This texture is perfect if you do not want hair that is bone straight has too many curls or is too wavy.

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How to Get Loose Wave Extensions?

As we all know that this is an era of online marketing. Whatever the product you are thinking off is present online. This saves your time and money both. So for getting loose wave hair extensions, you don’t have to search here and there just type on Google, and you will find number of stores who are selling these products online. And t1hair is among them.

T1hair is one of the best online stores for providing human hair extensions around the globe. We are six years old in our business. We have team of experts with one goal of providing high-quality service to our customers. Our products contain 100% natural loose wave extensions with a guarantee. We have a larger scale of production of 100% Remy hair. It is hand selected and unprocessed to ensure high-quality hair at a reasonable price.


For every woman, hair is one of the most important part of her adorable look. So choosing right styling for hair is important. And applying loose wave style for your hair is a wise decision because this style doesn't demand much from you. Following simple steps you can get the fascinating look with a loose wave. Even you don’t follow the steps applying Loose wave hair extensions you can achieve your goal. Feel free to put your thought regarding loose wave in a given below comment box.