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peruvian hair review

I rarely leave review for any online portal for their products. But some products create such an impact that you can’t stop yourself from sharing your experience with others. Let me first introduce myself. I am a very selective type of girl before buying any product I research a lot. My sister marriage was near, and I wanted new hair style for the D Day. And truly speaking I was terrified of adding chemicals or hot rod in my hair. So I decided to buy hair extensions. In today’s society, a lot of the time hair extensions are seen in a negative light. But I read a lot about hair extensions. Hair extensions are nothing but a tool to help women look and feel more confident. And believe me, it doesn't affect your original hair.

After gathering all information about hair extensions. I choose to buy Peruvian Hair. There is a reason behind it. Peruvian hair weave is getting the curiosity of many because it’s said to be one of the best types of hair weaves out there. Exciting features of Peruvian hair attracted my attention more than any other form of hair. It is comfortable, luxurious, silky, has a lot of volume and so many patterns to choose from.

After putting this all together. I started my research and found a number of online stores who are selling Peruvian hair. It was difficult for me to choose the right one. Almost every brand speaks the same language about their products. So for picking the right online store, I started comparison among different brand’s Peruvian hair using quality and price matrix. Even I read reviews given by various customers on Peruvian hair on different portals.

Comparisons and reading reviews help me a lot in making a decision, but a suggestion from one of my friend made me more clear about my decision. She was already using hair extensions. And she has deeper knowledge in it. Earlier she was purchasing hair from one of the companies I will not disclose the name. Their products are not up to mark as they offer on their sites. She tried a number of online stores for Peruvian hair. But She could not find the right one. After a long month of failure, she came across And she was amazed getting a product which was up to her expectation. So she referred me to connect with t1hair for Peruvian hair. And I did the same.

But for more satisfaction. I ordered Peruvian hair from two different online stores one is t1hair and one which I think will provide a quality product according to my research. I bought three bundles in 20, 22 and 24 inches from each store. After the delivery of the product form each store. I started comparing the quality of the products. And I found a lot of difference between the product quality of each store.

My friend was not wrong .T1hair have amazing Peruvian hair. Which I received has a remarkable look with quality. The best thing about t1hair product is that what they promised about there product they deliver the same.

Here are few reasons Why I believed in t1hair for Peruvian hair extensions

  1. It has so many styles so you can choose the size you need freedom and the curly hair possesses very lovable curl style.
  2. It’s so freaking soft and beautiful.
  3. The hair is thick, nice go back to the normal contort pattern after washing or maybe dying.
  4. The hair seems a little shorter than expected but remember the hair is longer when it is a stretch.
  5. It has minimal tangling and minimal shedding.
  6. Peruvian hair is made with 100% virgin human hair, so you need to treat it like your natural hair. Many women have naturally beautiful hair, and our curly hair weaves could perfectly blend.

Most important thing about t1hair is that, they are so much oriented towards their work. T1hair hair extensions video helped me a lot whenever I found any difficulty in taking care of extensions. Finally after a lot of research I got my foot in the door with t1hair. Which has completely satisfied me with their hair extensions quality and services.

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