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straight hair

Wondering of how to get straight hair ovenight?

If yes, than continue reading and Follow these hair care tips to achieve perfectly smooth, straight, shiny hair every time.

Getting a Straight hair for your appealing appearance. Is a great idea. It is one of the most demanding trends nowadays. Women with straight hair look sleek and fascinating.

straight hair

But most of the time people bless with curly or wavy hair and they might think of having silky shiny and smooth straight hair. Don’t worry we are here to help you. Through this article, We will let you know the relevant facts about Choosing straight hair and how to maintain it.

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  • Type of Straight Hair- Choose Your Hair Type
  • Tips and Tricks to maintain your straight hair
  • Buy Straight Hair Extensions online

Type of Straight Hair - Choose Your Hair Type

Finding right hair type for your hairstyle is a bit challenging. Because different people have different hair type on their head at a time. Due to which they trap themselves into controversies about hair type and a question like whether the hair type is important or not? To get fascinating appearance. Choosing right hair type is important. Although hair type can be confusing but knowing your hair type can help you to determine what is naturally healthy for your hair.

Given below are the three type of straight hair. Which you can choose for your fascinating appearance.

Type 1 Hair

Type 1 hair doesn't contain any curl pattern, and it is naturally straight hair. Due to lack of curl in Type 1 hair it looks shiny and oily. The hair is straight due to which oil reach all the portion of hair from the scalp. Type 1 hair divided are into three categories

  • Type 1a
  • Type 1b
  • Type 1c

straight hair

Type 1a: This kind of straight hairs don't contain any curl part it is completely straight from the root to tip. This type of hair mostly found in Asia. Otherwise, type 1a hair is scarce. It is effortless to manage and style.

Type 1b: This type of hair is not completely flat. Most straight hair women fall into this category. Type 1b hair holds a curl which differentiates it from type 1a hair. Hair is half band and tip of the hair tend to bend. A sleek ponytail is the perfect candidate for this look as the hair is thick so it can be changed into any style.

Type 1c: Hair is straight, not so much wave, has a body, and slightly bends. Type 1c hair has a perfect disarrayed look when it gets dry. This look is natural and one can easily achieve without the use of heat tools. This kind of hair is more bouncy than any other type of straight hair but its difficult to manage due to its thickness.

Hope above straight hair type will help you to identify your straight hair style. Now after choosing the best type of straight hair now it's the time to know how to maintain your straight hair after Straightening

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Tips and Tricks to Maintain Your Straight Hair after Straightening

straight hair type

Getting an appealing straight hair is not a big deal. But maintaining the style is bit challenging for everyone. Sometimes people can't find the right solution for keeping their hair straight and cause long term damage to their locks.

Don't worry following some easy and simple therapy will help you to overcome this problem and make hair straight and silky naturally. This therapy will not only help you to maintain your hair straight but it will also protect your hair from harsh chemicals. Just follow the given below tips and tricks to keep your straight hair after Straightening.

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Immediately After the hair Straightening

  • Avoid water contact with the hair for three days.
  • Do not tie your hair with rubber or put it behind your ear.
  • While Sleeping sleep on a hard pillow and ensure your hair is straight while sleeping.

Straight Hair Care After Three Days of Your Hair Straightening

  • Now you can use shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair and apply conditioner few minute longer than usual.
  • Avoid hot water because it will remove your tresses of moisture.
  • Use wide toothed hair comb to separate your hair strands. Whatever the temptations don't use a hair brush.
  • Apply hair serum regularly. It will help your hair in healing.
  • Using of hair masks will protect and maintain your hair health for the longer time.

15 Days After the Hair Straightening

  • Follow the diet consist of nutrition. In your diet, you must consume almonds, nuts, fishes, salmons. It will maintain your hair health for the longer time.
  • Get hair trimming on a regular basis. You must cut your hair every 4 to 6 weeks. This will prevent your hair from splitting.
  • Avoid using any heating tools.
  • Don't apply any chemical on your hairs. At least for one year.
  • Keep it safe from environmental factor like pollution. Wear the head cap when you are out on the road. It will protect your hair from extreme climatic conditions.

After reading the therapy of protecting your hair after Straightening, you must be confuse that you should go for hair Straightening or not. Because in our busy daily schedule following above theory for straight hair maintenance is quite difficult. Which we think most of us can’t do especially working ladies and Mothers. But appearance matters it may be the office party, marriage or going outside every woman want to look beautiful and Hair style is one of the biggest factors of appearance.

Don’t worry we have a solution for people who having a dream of straight hair but can’t follow the therapy due to their busy schedule.

You can also follow tips from this article to straighten hair naturally with milk.

Buy Straight Hair Extensions Online

If you wish to have straight hair and don’t want to get your hair Straightening than Hair extension is one of the best solution for you. Now the question rise how to get best in quality straight hair extensions for your fascinating appearance? Answer is go online. Today there are number of brand who are selling varieties of hair extensions and you can choose according to your need.

But on quality basis there are few and t1hair is among them

t1hair is one of the top virgin hair extension selling company around the globe. We provide the finest 100% virgin hair extensions in the market. As hair experts, we can assure you after purchasing the product from t1hair you will fall in love with the brand. You can get all type of hair extension from Brazilian to Peruvian hair. So Start shopping for your perfect straight hair look now. And free yourself from hair maintenance. They also provide hair experts who will help you to learn how to use different hair extensions.

Below Are the few Product of Straight Hair Extension Style Present in Store

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Brazilian Straight Hair

straight hair type

Our Brazilian straight hair is 100% virgin and highest in quality. Each section of the hair is collected from one donor. Each section of the virgin hair has natural tape at the end. This brazilian straight hair bundles are available in different colors.

Malaysian Straight Hair

straight hair

If you are looking for natural bouncing hair style. They buy the finest quality straight Malaysian hair from the store. Made from 100% virgin Malaysian hair. Malaysian straight hair come with wider styling option and having a longer lifespan.

Peruvian Straight Hair

types of straight hair

Peruvian hair extension is best in term of maintenance. After wearing this extension, you will experience very minimal shedding and virtually no tangling. It can be easily curled and straightened.


Straight hair is one of the latest fashion adopted by today's generation. Getting your hair Straightening is easy and maintaining the trend is difficult. But applying hair extension in the place of getting your hair straight is an ideal thought. You don’t have to spend time in maintenance and also protect your hair from damage and the most important thing you are maintaining two hair style at one time one is your extension, and other is your original hair.

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