Tips To Choose the Best Hair Extension for You


how to choose hair extension

Are you looking for the perfect hair extension to improve the style and length of your hair? It is easy to get confused among so many brands, styles, and options when buying hair extensions online. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to ensure getting the right product. Hair extensions are meant to add to your existing hair. This is why it is important that they match perfectly with your specific hair type and color.

The best way to make sure you are getting the right extension is to buy only a branded product from a reputed online/offline store. Branded hair extensions will usually come with a guarantee that you can exercise in case of any issue with the performance or quality of the product. If you want your hair extensions to last longer and look beautiful, you should consider investing in a good product.

Here are some tips you can follow to choose the best hair extension for you.

Types of Hair Extensions  

There are two basic types of hair extensions: one made from human hair and other from synthetic hair. Human hair naturally look more real and can be easily coloured, permed, washed, and even curled or straightened. But you cannot do these things like use chemicals on synthetic hair unless you want to ruin them. Human hair also last longer than the synthetic ones. So, if you are looking for more REAL, silkier, shinier, and soft hair, you should definitely choose the natural hair.

But as you can probably imagine, the price of human hair is usually double or even higher than that as compared to the price of synthetic hair.

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Matching Hair Style and Color

To make sure that the hair extension looks real, it is very important to buy the one that perfectly matches with your hair style and color. If you are buying human hair, you can easily change its color or style to go with your existing hair. But the problem is with synthetic hair where you cannot do a lot of style experiments. No matter how many products you have to try, buy only the one that perfectly matches your hair color and styling.

Branded Products

One should always prefer buying branded products, especially the beauty and hair products. If you want a really good quality hair extension, you should only purchase a branded product. It may cost you a little more but it is a good, long-term investment. Branded hair will come with a guarantee and should last much more than any local hair extension product.

Where to Buy

There are normally two answers to this question. You can purchase either from a local store or online. Fortunately, there are several reputed websites online where you can easily find and buy all types of hair extensions by all popular brands at one place. The best benefit of online shopping is that you can purchase anything from the comfort of your home.

To make sure you buy a good quality hair extension online, there are a few tips you can follow. First of all, you should buy only from a reputed website. Websites like t1hair, kabeilu, etc. are providing services for past many years and can be trusted for quality. You should read the product description carefully to ensure that it matches your style. The website should also allow returns or replacements in case if the extension is defective or doesn’t suit you perfectly.

Alternatively, you can buy hair extensions from a local or brand store, but the options are usually limited. You will not find many brand stores in one city and certainly, not as many product varieties as you can find online.

Safety and Care

A branded hair extension will usually come with instructions for safety and proper maintenance of the product. This is why it is better to invest in a good brand. The security risks are usually less with high-quality hair extensions. They don’t even require additional maintenance except for regular brushing and general caring.

Make sure to collect the guaranty/warranty card from your seller when purchasing a hair extension online or offline. Hair extensions can last for weeks, months, some even for years based on their quality and type.

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