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Raw Indian Wavy Hair

Our Raw Indian Wavy Hair is alive and stacked with body. It can be worn straight by using a level iron and bone straight using a settling serum. Since this hair is absolutely natural and compound free, it will reliably come back to its wavy state. You should recollect the length of wavy hair is measured when straight and not when wavy. The natural color of this hair is a superb mix of off-dull and diminish darker.

Give a stylish look to your hair with Raw Indian Wavy Hair

One thing that makes our Raw Indian Wavy Hair the favored choice for many is because of its flexibility and availability on the market. It furthermore has a fine thickness. Not only is it regularly vaporous, bouncy and light but can similarly be styled and curved adequately. Even with just unimportant hair products, this kind of human hair is up 'til now prepared to move effectively. Its other property is the ability to blend radiantly with other hair textures. Our Indian wavy hair is available from the rich sorts to those that are slightly coarse. In any case, this sort of hair tends to twist up detectably fluffy and even swell especially in foggy and sticky conditions. Henceforth, it is advisable to use threatening to frizz products.


Maintain your hair by conditioning and shampooing, using a leave-in treatment is moreover proposed. Styling and proper maintaining is essential to avail various benefits of this wavy hair. The hair winds up plainly energized after treatment, and gets better overtime.

Raw Indian Wavy Hair: Pick the color you want

Our Raw Indian Wavy Hair comes in a blend of absolutely natural off-dull and diminishes darker shades. There will shade assortments between packs, some lighter and some darker. We meticulously arrange colors and textures, but note that because each store of unadulterated virgin hair is stand-out, colors and textures will vacillate. The hair can be colored; we propose using a specialist beautician for shading.